VASER Liposuction, Body Sculpting in Turkey:

It must be addressed that liposuction is not a weight-loss process or treatment of obesity, rather a technique that works to get rid of excess fat, which is very difficult to get rid of through sports or strict diet.

Today, Turkey has become one of the most advanced and experienced countries in the field of liposuction and body sculpting, and the most experienced in the field of plastic surgery in general.

In the process of liposuction, the doctor is considered an artist of another kind, as he rids the body of annoying fats and sculpts the body and shows it in the most beautiful image.

VASER liposuction is one of the best and latest techniques for body sculpting. It works on dissolving the subcutaneous fatty tissue using ultrasound waves.

The difference between conventional liposuction and VASER liposuction:

The VASER device is distinguished by targeting fat cells only, as it breaks them down using ultrasound waves until they turn into a liquid form that is easy to suction. It is also easy to control the VASER device through our doctor, thus reducing the chance of pain or bruising. The patient is able to return to his daily activities within a short period of two weeks to ten days.

One of the most important features of the VASER device is that it preserves the stem cells inside the fat. This gives the patient an option to inject fat in other areas such as the face or buttocks.

Which patients are suitable for liposuction?

  1. Those with a high BMI (above 33)
  2. Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  3. People with diabetes if the GPA is high (above 6-7)
  4. People who suffer from hypertension and cannot control their blood pressure
  5. Those who suffer from heart disease
  6. People who underwent surgery not long ago and close to the area to be suctioned.

Tips before liposuction

  1. Smokers should stop smoking one month before the operation.
  2. People who drink alcohol should stop it at least 3 days before
  3. People who use blood-thinning drugs should stop consulting a doctor
  4. Stop drinking blood-thinning drinks such as ginger and green tea.
  5. Fasting 8-12 hours before the operation.

Areas where liposuction can be done

• Abdomen and flanks





Double Chin

• Enlarged breast tissue in men

How does liposuction work?

  • First day: The first examination is arranged with our plastic surgeon to fully examine you and understand the changes you want to have.
  • Second day: We perform the necessary tests for the patient to ensure his safety and that he is qualified to undergo the operation.
  • Third day is the day on which the operation takes place.

The patient is subjected to general anesthesia under the supervision of the anesthesiologist, and then the plastic surgeon begins by using the VASER technique, which is one of the best and latest current technologies, as it performs liposuction and tightens the skin at the same time.

One of the advantages of the VASER device is that we do not need to make a surgical large incision. The VASER tube is inserted through small holes that do not exceed 1-2 cm, and after the operation is completed, it is closed with cosmetic stitches that disappear during the recovery period

  • Fourth day, the patient stays for a night in the hospital after the operation under the supervision of the nursing staff to check on his condition and health and is then taken out.
  • Sixth day: The patient visits the doctor to check on his health, and we keep in touch with him until he returns to normal life.

Frequently asked questions

• What are the side effects that we can see after the operation?

Our specialized doctors perform liposuction and body sculpting and ensure that you do not get any severe symptoms that hinder your movement. During the recovery period, we advise you to stick to the pain relievers and antibiotics that your doctor will prescribe for you.

• Does liposuction have a permanent effect? Is the fat coming back?

With the VASER technology, the accumulated and hard fat tissue is removed permanently. We always advise to follow a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy foods, and avoiding excessive weight gain to maintain the results of the operation.

• Do I have to wear corsets after liposuction?

We strongly advise you to wear corsets for two to three weeks after the liposuction procedure to give the area a more natural and harmonious shape. Please note that the custom orthopedic corset will not appear under clothing. There are also special corsets designed for summer and hot weather, to reduce sweating.

• When is it possible to return to normal life?

After the second day, the patient can walk on his feet and after 10 days they return to their normal life.

• How much weight will I lose after liposuction?

It depends on the amount of superficial fat situated above the abdominal muscles. In general, VASER liposuction process helps in losing 15-20% of the weight, depending on the patient’s condition.

As we mentioned earlier, VASER liposuction process is not primarily for weight loss, but rather to restore the harmonious shape of the body and sculpt it, and weight is lost from the suctioned fat in this process.