people who cannot adhere to diet, as the balloon technique is designed to control the appetite and regulate the number of meals eaten.

Candidates for gastric balloon surgery

1. People who are obese and whose body mass is above 33 or their weight is less than 105 kg

2. People who want to lose weight over short time.

3. People who want body sculpting and body mass above 33.

4. Those who find it difficult to lose weight by following diets or sports

Before the gastric balloon operation

1. Patients should use gastric protection (Nexium) for five days before the operation, one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening before food.

2. The patient must take EMEND tablets one hour before the operation.

3. Patients must stop eating and drinking the day before the operation at 12 pm.

4. You must stop smoking two weeks before the operation.

5. Stop drinking alcoholic beverages.

Stages of the gastric balloon operation

In the beginning, it must be remembered that the gastric balloon operation is not a surgical operation, but rather an endoscopic operation that takes place under a mild sedative effect, where the balloon is inserted through a medical endoscope through the mouth, and then the balloon is filled with a saline solution of 400 to 700 millilitres to settle in the stomach cavity for 6 months. After this period, its size begins to gradually shrink, as it must be removed to avoid complications of intestinal obstruction, and the removal of the stomach balloon requires a medical endoscope that is also used orally.

After the gastric balloon operation:

• During the first day, it is forbidden to eat any food or drinks except water.

• Schedule your meals, for example it is possible to eat three meals with a healthy snack in between,

 Or eat five to six small meals throughout the day.

• Eat slowly + avoid processed foods + avoid fast food and soft drinks.

• Choose foods rich in nutrients, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish.

• Continue to exercise routinely and permanently.

The balloon is removed six months after the operation and may extend for a year. The balloon is removed through the endoscope after obtaining the result.

The difference between the stomach balloon and the smart balloon

As we mentioned previously, the stomach balloon is inserted and removed through the endoscope, while in the smart balloon (smart capsule) it is done differently by giving the patient a small capsule (the size of an antibiotic capsule)

It is filled by drinking water after swallowing the capsule. After about 16 weeks, the release valve (time-activated) of the smart balloon opens from remaining in the stomach, allowing it to empty and pass naturally through the digestive tract without the need for removal.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much weight will I lose after gastric balloon operation?

Ensures 10-15% of the current weight loss

  • Is there pain in the stomach balloon operation?

There is no pain during the gastic balloon operation

  • Is general anaesthesia required for gastric balloon operation?

General anaesthesia is not used in the balloon operation, but it is performed under a mild sedative effect.

  • When can I return to normal life after gastric balloon operation?

You can walk immediately after the operation and return to normal life the next day safely.